Gathering representatives of all parts of the financial centre and
reporting to the Minister of Treasury and Budget, the Comité pour le développement de la place financière (CODEPLAFI) serves as a platform, for the authorities as well as the private sector, to coordinate the initiatives aimed at developing in a balanced way the multifaceted activities of the financial centre. Its composition, as well as its modus operandi, reflects its concern to represent the general interest of the financial centre. Specialised working groups assist the CODEPLAFI. Its reflections, proposals or syntheses may be made public.

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CODEPLAFI's "Observatoire Juridique" presents the legal environment of the Luxembourg financial center. Through an extensive database, the reader has access to all laws, regulations and circulars governing the regime and the activities of banks, of investment firms and other professionals of the financial sector, of insurance and reinsurance companies, the financial markets and instruments and the Luxembourg monetary status as well as to indications on case law and writings.